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32-input Digital Networked Mixing System

Model: StudioLive AVB 32AI Mix System

  • 24 locking XLR inputs, each with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • +48V phantom power
  • 8 locking combo XLR mic/1/4" line inputs, each with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • Stereo tape input (RCA jacks)
  • 16 XLR line-level Mix outputs
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Get rid of that heavy analog snake and take control of your mixes with the PreSonus® StudioLive® AVB 32AI Mix System, which combines a StudioLive RML32AI rack mixer, StudioLive CS18AI Ethernet/AVB control surface, and integrated control, recording, and production software. Scalable, fully recallable, networked over AVB Ethernet, and tightly integrated with included software, the StudioLive AVB 32AI Mix System puts your I/O in an onstage, rack-mount mixer with Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking, while providing an advanced control surface at front-of-house with 18 touch-sensitive, motorized faders and 4x2 I/O. And it can be expanded up to 64 inputs by cascading a second StudioLive RM-series mixer.

  • 24 locking XLR inputs, each with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • +48V phantom power
  • 8 locking combo XLR mic/1/4" line inputs, each with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • Stereo tape input (RCA jacks)
  • 16 XLR line-level Mix outputs
  • Four 500 ms alignment delays on the last four Mix outputs
  • 2dB25 jacks mirror 16 line-level Mix outputs
  • 3 XLR main outputs (left, right, mono/center) with analog trim pots
  • S/PDIF digital output on removable option card
  • Headphone output with volume knob and selectable source
  • 1x1 MIDI I/O (for future implementation)
  • 32 internal channels
  • 25 mix buses
  • 16 aux mix buses
  • 3 main mix buses (left, right, mono/center)
  • Stereo solo bus
  • 4 internal FX buses (2 reverb, 2 delay)
  • Fully integrated, continuously bidirectional, 52-in/34-out, FireWire 800 direct recording interface (24-bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz)
  • Cascades up to 48 or 64 internal channels via AVB connection to additional StudioLive® RM-series mixer
  • Designed specifically for live sound mixing
  • Multiplatform support for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®
  • Windows 8/10 multi-touch-compatible for large touchscreen mixing (touchscreen not included)
  • Flexible and expandable computing options - Use a laptop with or without a touchscreen, an iPad, or any combination
  • Contextual-based navigation for quick, intuitive access to all mixing functions
  • 8 Mute groups with all on and all off
  • Scene Store and Recall
  • Global Scene Storage - all current StudioLive RML settings
  • Up to 99 at a time
  • 8 Quick Scenes for instant scene save/recall-like “speed dial” for scenes
  • Automatic global AutoStore
  • Customizable naming (for example, saturday gig or main worship service)
  • Individual channel-strip setting storage
  • Up to 100 at a time, plus
  • 50 channel-strip presets included for drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and vocals
  • Copy and paste among channels and buses
  • Can be saved as user presets
  • Can be browsed by category (drums, vocals, horns, guitar, bass, and more)
  • Contextual presets system
  • Presets filtered by channel types
  • Quickly audition presets on the fly
  • Edit auditioned preset before loading
  • Exit Audition mode with out loading to return to previous settings
  • Save and load presets on all platforms including iOS®
  • Filter DCAs
  • Unlimited groups
  • Automatic group creation using channel types
  • Custom groups
  • Security features to monitor and restrict access to the mixer’s controls
  • Capture™ one-click recording software with true virtual soundcheck (Mac/Windows)
  • Studio One® Artist full-featured digital audio workstation software (Mac/Windows)
  • QMix®-UC aux-control software for iOS® and Android™ available free from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store
  • USB jack and included Wi-Fi LAN adapter provide direct wireless control (using a router)
  • 2 FireWire S800 ports and 1 Ethernet control port with AVB Networking on removable option card. FireWire ports fully compatible with Apple Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adapter.
  • SL-Dante-Mix option card available separately
  • Dual Fat Channel signal processing on all channels and buses with:
  • Variable highpass filter -6dB/oct., sweepable from Off to 1 kHz (main channels and aux's only)
  • Variable lowpass filter on the mono/center bus
  • 4-band fully parametric EQ
  • Low EQ - sweepable from 36 Hz to 465 Hz, +/-15dB, switchable shelf or peaking
  • Low Mid EQ - sweepable from 90 Hz to 1.2 kHz, +/-15dB, variable Q 0.1 to 4.0
  • High Mid EQ - sweepable from 380 Hz to 5 kHz, +/-15dB, variable Q 0.1 to 4.0
  • High EQ - sweepable from 1.4 kHz to 18 kHz, +/-15dB, switchable shelf or peaking
  • Master EQ On/Off
  • Gate with sidechain - Threshold - 0 to -84dB; Attack - 0.02 to 500 ms; Release - 0.05 to 2 sec;
  • Bandpass Key Filter - 40 Hz to 16 kHz; second-order resonant bandpass filter Q (0.7) with Key Listen function
  • Stereo Link for input channels and aux buses
  • Polarity reverse (input channels only)
  • Quick A/B comparisons of two complete sets of Fat Channel settings for each channel and bus
  • 15 graphic EQs (for the first 12 aux buses plus the Main left, right, and mono/center buses)
  • 4 32-bit floating point effects processors (2 reverb, 2 delay) on dedicated buses
  • 32 LED meter grid
  • Front-panel Mute All button temporarily mutes all inputs and outputs
  • +48V Meters button to display phantom power assignment on the meter grid
  • Headphone source selection between Main and Cue
  • High-definition Burr-Brown analog-to-digital converters (118dB dynamic range)
  • Unlimited-headroom, 32-bit floating point, digital mixing and effects processing
  • Internal sample frequency 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
  • Control StudioLive® RM mixers-up to 64-channels
  • Control Studio One® DAW
  • 4x2 AVB audio transport control with Marker Shift, Rewind/FF options
  • Navigate using traditional layers or with intuitive PreSonus® Filter DCA groups
  • 18 100 mm, touch-sensitive motorized faders - 16 Channel, 1 Flex, 1 Master
  • Full Fat Channel processing control with individual encoders and 12-LED displays for:
  • Gate Threshold, Range, Attack, Release
  • Compressor Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain
  • Limiter Threshold
  • EQ Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid, High
  • Variable-color (RGB) Select buttons for easy channel and Filter DCA group identification
  • 4 effects Mute/Mix button with Tap
  • 16 12-LED channel ladder level and Fat Channel displays
  • 3 11-LED Select Channel Level/Compressor/Gate displays
  • 11-LED displays for Main Center/Mono, Left, and Right
  • 16 channels of high resolution, 64 x 96 scribble-strip display with Pan indicators
  • Touch-sensitive, motorized fader control over channel faders and automation
  • Plug-in control for PreSonus and third-party plug-ins
  • Channel Mute
  • Channel Solo and Solo clear
  • Channel Select
  • Channel Pan control
  • Scribble strip names
  • Pan indication
  • Current automation mode
  • Channel layer navigation
  • Aux mix
  • Transport control
  • Automation mode selection
  • Metering
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